We are a young and dynamic company which is focused on offering a solution to the increasing disturbance caused by insects. We provide products with which you are able to control flies, mosquitoes (e.g. culicoides), wasps and other annoying insects in a natural and effective way. You can use our products for instance when controlling a fly plague, mosquito attack or wasp invasion. However, you can also protect your horses or cows with our products.

In addition to the overflow of information on internet, we have chosen to offer you a user friendly and easy to navigate web shop. With each product we explain in short in which situations the product can be used. Additionally you can find extensive information about flies, mosquitoes, midgets, horseflies and other insects on the website of one of our suppliers (www.bliZzz.nl). BliZzz has done research for many years regarding the effectiveness of their products and is well known in the area of pest control.

We sell our products to private customers via this web shop. We also supply our products to distributors (amongst them garden centers, pet shops and water sport shops). If you are interested in adding our products to your assortment, we would love to hear about it.

To conclude, if you are missing an article in our assortment or if you have any questions/remarks, please feel free to let us know.

Company details:

Company name         Novastar
Address                    Newtonstraat 24H
Postal code               1098 HD Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
Telephone                 +31 6 2489 1988
E-mail                       info@fly-killer.co.uk
Website                    www.fly-killer.co.uk / www.vliegenvangen.nl
Account number        NL63ABNA0520163672
IBAN nummer           NL63ABNA0520163672
BIC                          ABNANL2A