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With this extremely effective BliZzz fly bag you can catch over 20.000 flies. Just hang it and start catching flies!

Characteristics BliZzz fly bag:
  • Lures flies with the help of a natural / poison free lure substance / bait
  • With good weather it already works after one day
  • Has to be used outside (e.g. meadows, near stables, in the garden, on terraces, campsites, and golf courses)
  • If the bag is full, you can close it with the cap and easily throw it away
  • The bag works most effectively in the sun on a spot where the wind takes the lure substance to the place where you want to do pest control
  • Pest control is most effective when a fly bag is being hanged every 10 to 15 meters
  • With beautiful weather the only thing you have to do, is add some water to stop the bag from dehydrating

With an order of 3, 6, 12 or 24 fly bags we operate a discount from 0,75 euro to 3,00 euro per fly bag. You will see our special offer prices when you change the amount in the ‘Quantity’ box!

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€ 12,50
Price per apiece
Quantity: Order
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