This original and put to the test horse and biting flies trap has been designed to have bug catch fun for years. Horses and cows will be grateful to you for ordering this trap. Horseflies have a preference for dark colors (they are visual hunters), colored surfaces, fixed dimensions, glittering light, and slow moving objects. Horseflies usually hunt in groups, due to which they are easy to control. Place the Horsefly trap in a good visible and open spot (e.g. in the meadow), which is sunny most of the day. The horsefly will attack the black ball from a sheltered environment, thinking it is the back side of cattle, and is nice and warm. The horsefly will fly into the trap as soon as he notices there is nothing to gain.

Experiment with the location of the horsefly trap. From time to time move it a few meters around, in order to find the ideal spot. You might have to shield the horsefly trap with a prickly bush to prevent animal vandalism. The horsefly trap is effective for about 3.000m2. If you wish to control a larger area, you can combine the trap with our sticky traps. Ideal for a meadow with horses and cows!


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