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A packet of 4 sachets very effective lure substance (bait) – to be used as refill for the BliZzz Megatrap, the Biological Fly Trap, or of course to turn another fly trap into a more effective one. The quantity of the sachets is sufficient to feed your fly trap for one whole season. The lure substance is natural, biological, safe, free of any chemicals and pesticides, easy to use, and very attractive to flies. The ingredients have been found in the natural habitat of the Aboriginals, while the composition is based on experience for centuries.

You use 1 sachet for one BliZzz Megatrap when you are refilling it, or 2 sachets lure substance at the start. At any other moment you use just 1 sachet. Open the sachet and pour the content into the fly trap and fill it with luke warm water, amount according to the instructions.

The trap will have developed its maximum luring power after the 3rd or the 4th day, depending on the weather conditions. For it to work more quickly, it is important that you shake and stir the substance during the first few days. We also advice you to keep the lure substance / lure liquid out or reach of children and pets. 

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€ 14,95
Price per apiece
Quantity: Order
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