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This is the best mosquito lamp you can buy at this moment. The lamp has a unique way of operating, that is very attractive to female mosquitoes (the male ones don’t bite).

The female mosquitoes are continuous looking for blood donors. They find their pray (human or animal) by going for the carbon monoxide (CO2), which we all exhale. Due to this mosquitoes can even find us in the dark. In addition to that, mosquitoes are also attracted by warmth and ultra violet light.

With this mosquito lamp you no longer are disturbed by annoying singe smell or crackling sounds. This is because the mosquitoes are not electrocuted, but shriveled, after which they can simply be removed from the catch tray.

Characteristics BliZzz Mosquito Lamp:

  • The mosquito lamp produces a small amount of CO2, which lures the mosquitoes and culicoides
  • The lamp gives off ultra violet light (26W) and warmth, which attracts insects
  • Due to the light and warmth the BliZzz Mosquito Lamp can also catch flies at night
  • The lamp has a catalyzing effect, which also clears the air
  • A metal chain to hang the lamp is included
  • It can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Can be used in for example bed rooms, living rooms, restaurants, (large) kitchens and shop windows
  • Easy to use and to keep clean
  • No need for chemicals
  • Connection: 220 volt (low power consumption)
  • Effective reach: about 100m2 (1 room)
  • Size: 24cm (diameter) x 30cm (height)
  • Length of lead: 2,20 meter
  • Spare lamps available
  • 1 year warranty
  • We advise the UV lamps to be replaced once a year

Watch out! The BliZzz Mosquito Trap has a European plug.

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