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The sticky trap is not selective, as it catches all insects which fly around the trap, like flies, mosquitoes, culicoides, and horseflies.

Characteristics Sticky Trap:
  • Also effective for controlling culicoides, as they often move around for only 100 meters
  • No need for electricity, lure substance or chemicals
  • Size: 20cm (diameter) x 80cm (height)
  • Comes with 2 sticky sheets, each catching 5.000 insects maximum. We advise you to order 10 sheets more, in order to be able to catch insects during the whole season
  • Works best when a Sticky Trap is placed every 10 to 12 meters
When fixing a sticky sheet on the cylinder, you should not yet remove the protection layer of the sticky layer. Only when the sticky sheet is fixed, you can slowly remove the protection plastic.

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€ 23,95
Price per apiece
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