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Do you also find it disgusting to look at a sticky strip with dead flies? Then the Stiky Trap is the thing for you. The Stiky Trap is a set of 5 odorless and poison free window traps.

After the carton window trap has been folded, a catch tray of 3x3x15cm unfolds, with which flies can be caught. You stick the Stiky Trap on your window. The flies will first be attracted to the window by the light, and after because of the Stiky Trap. The insects will happily fly into it. Due to the design of the window trap you do not have to look at the sticky strip with the dead flies. When the trap is full, you can easily, and without touching the dead flies, throw it into the rubbish bin.

Stick the window trap on a good spot. For instance in the right top corner of the window and under the blind, but for example not next to the door.

The Stiky Trap is poison free and odorless.
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